Pisonia umbellifera

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Pisonia umbellifera - Birdlime Tree
Common name: Birdlime Tree
Family: Nyctaginaceae (Four o'clock)
Distribution: North Coast, Central Coast, South Coast, Queensland, Malesia, Pacific Islands, Africa
Comments: Bird lime is a sticky material traditionally smeared onto twigs to catch small birds when they landed. This species produces very sticky fruits which cling to large birds which fly them away and so ensure dispersal of the seeds. Unfortunately they also stick to small birds, mammals and reptiles and either glue them to the trees where they starve or so impede their movement that they can’t forage adequately to survive.


  • 1: bed 14c • Accession: AA 922728/2 • Origin: Australia • Provenance: Wild
  • 2: bed 7 • Accession: A1992-2728/2 • Origin: Australia • Provenance: Wild
  • 3: bed 7 • Accession: A1992-2728/1 • Origin: Australia • Provenance: Wild
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